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Our Airless Glue Box is an innovative and advanced storage solution designed specifically for eyelash stylists and professionals in the beauty industry. This unique box is designed with optimal lash glue storage in mind, and here is a detailed description:

Airtight Protection:
The Airless Glue Box uses an airtight design to protect the lash glue from exposure to air, moisture and other environmental factors. This minimizes the chance of drying out and preserves the quality of the glue.

Conservation of Glue Quality:
Due to the airless mechanism, the amount of air is minimized when the box is closed, thus maintaining a consistent quality of glue. This ensures longer life of the lash glue.

Suitable for Different Glue Sizes:
The Airless Glue Box is designed to accommodate different lash glue bottle sizes, making it a versatile choice for lash stylists with different brands and types of lash glue.

Elegant and Compact Design:
The sleek and compact design of the box makes it easy to integrate into an eyelash stylist's work environment. It exudes professionalism and style.

Durable Material:
Made of durable material that can withstand daily use in a professional environment. The box is designed to last and withstand frequent opening and closing.

Transparent Window:
The transparent window at the top of the box allows the lash stylist to check the amount of lash glue at a glance, without opening the box.

Easy to Clean:
The interior of the box is easy to clean, which is essential for maintaining optimal hygiene in the lash studio.

Security Lock:
The Airless Glue Box features a safety closure to prevent the box from unintentionally opening during transport or storage.
Improve the storage and quality of your lash glue with the Airless Glue Box. A must-have accessory for any lash stylist who strives for precision and professionalism in the profession.

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