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Sensitive gel eyepads are specially designed eye pads used during eyelash lengthening treatments. They are made of a soft, hypoallergenic gel and are designed to be placed comfortably on the client's lower lash line. Here is a description of sensitive gel eyepads:

Soft Gel Texture:
The eyepads are made of a soft gel texture that provides comfort and a pleasant experience for the client during the eyelash treatment.

Hypoallergenic Material:
Made of hypoallergenic materials, making the eyepads suitable for clients with sensitive skin and allergies.

Prevents Irritation and Discomfort:
The sensitive gel eyepads provide a barrier between the lower lashes and the skin, reducing irritation from lash glue and minimizing discomfort.

Perfect Fit:
The eyepads have an ergonomic design that fits perfectly to the contours of the eye, keeping them firmly in place during treatment.

Moisturizing Effect:
Some sensitive gel eyepads are impregnated with moisturizing ingredients to condition and nourish the skin around the eyes.

Easy to Remove:
The eyepads are easy to remove without pulling on the skin or lashes, providing a gentle conclusion to the eyelash treatment.

Transparency for Visibility:
Sensitive gel eyepads are mostly transparent, allowing the lash stylist to maintain a clear view of the lower lashes while applying the extensions.

Individually Packaged:
Often the eyepads are individually packaged to ensure hygiene and maintain product freshness.
Sensitive gel eyepads are an essential tool for lash stylists who value the comfort and satisfaction of their clients, especially those with sensitive skin. They contribute to a smooth and pleasant eyelash extension experience.

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